Welcome to Ten Dollar Sidewalk Signs.

We assume you’re here because you’re looking for cheap signs. Awesome, because that’s exactly what we do.

About Us.

We’re a print company. We’ve been doing this a while. We’ve got graphic designers and photographers and production specialists who’ve helped put this all together…. But enough about us; we’d rather talk

About You.

Sidewalk signs are a great way to invite potential customers in. Post introductory rates or product listings to take the guesswork out of what your business is all about. The beauty about pavement signs is that they greet the perfect kind of customer-- one that’s there. Restaurants have used sandwich boards for centuries to post happy hours and daily specials (yup, centuries. We looked it up). Do something a little different and set up a menu board. Most potential diners don’t want to bother with an awkward “Can I see a menu” moment;  sidewalk signs are a great way to meet them halfway.

Realtors can use these as well. Set one of our Open House signs all over the neighborhood and point buyers to your property listing; they pack into your car easily and set up in seconds. The printed space is much larger than traditional yard signs and they’re free standing, so you can set them up anywhere.

Warn employees of hazardous areas at construction sites. Advertise that you take walk-ins at your salon. Place them in high traffic areas during Tax Season to point out your accounting firm. These signs are large enough to be seen by pedestrians and drivers alike. Set up directional parking arrows to corral those stressed out downtown drivers to your private parking lot. Remind commuters stuck in traffic that it’s time for a tune-up. We’ve got hundred of designs to choose from regardless of your profession or what you’re going to use these sidewalk signs for.

About Our Signs (and the reason why you’re here).

The skinny:

Ever heard of an a-frame sign? That’s kind of what these are. In the past we’ve dealt with signicade signs, which is something of an industry standard in terms of a-frame signs because they’re portable and easy to use. We hate those things. Hate’s a strong word… we dislike them greatly. Have you ever dealt with one? They’re 20 pounds! They’re big enough that they’re often shipped in parts.

Our sidewalk signs are made of a continuous piece of printed corrugated plastic, then folded, like a sandwich board. These babies weigh less than a pound and fold up less than an inch thick so they ship quickly & easily, no extra hardware required. Needless to say, we don’t really deal in signicade signs anymore.

Durability factor:

Our pavement signs are great for indoor or outdoor use. They’re printed on waterproof corrugated plastic with UV resistant inks, so they hold up well in the elements. Need to set up in a windy area? Just weigh or stake down the spacer and your sign won’t go anywhere. We’ve used cinder blocks to great success.

Custom fit for your business.

As we’ve said earlier on this rather sizable body of text, we’ve got hundreds of designs to choose from and we’re slowly expanding every day. We’ve combined easy to understand clip art with color combinations that maximize visibility for each type of business. This is your quick, easy, mid-range price option.

If you’re looking for something a bit more personalized-- like adding a logo, or photos on a wedding sign-- we do that too. We’ve made it easy to upload your images onto our template, or call us at the number at the top of this page for even more options. Or if you’re REALLY on a budget, we have our namesake Ten Dollar signs available. These are plain white coroplast signs with absolutely no printing at all. You can print up a variety of signs at home and tack them on, or tag these puppies up with permanent marker. Be as creative as you want to be.