Tune-Up Sidewalk Signs

$69.00 $29.00

Remind them you do it all with outdoor signs.

  • durable, all weather construction
  • lightweight (less than 1 lb)
  • full color, photo quality images
  • free local pick-up; rush shipping available

Be there when they need you.

Let’s face it; most people aren’t great at sticking to a regular maintenance schedule. Ask the average person how they know when it’s time for a tune-up, and you’ll most likely get a shrug. It usually takes a car that has difficulty starting or makes weird noises before a driver thinks, “Hm. Maybe I should take the car in.” Present your services right when they need them with professional tune-up sidewalk signs. Just like those little window decals that you put in every car to remind customers of when it’s time for an oil change, sidewalk signs are physical reminders that it’s time to check in. Advertise introductory rates, promotions, free consultations or price quotes on services. Make your sign as colorful as you need to to grab those in-traffic commuters, and watch your business grow.

Advertising that goes everywhere.

Our tune-up sidewalk signs are totally free-standing and made of lightweight waterproof plastic, so set it up wherever you like. The text is printed directly on the sign with our soy-based UV inks, so your message won’t fade due to the elements. Place them on sidewalks or outside your garage during the day and bring them in at night. Our slimline design packs down to less than an inch thickness and weighs under a pound for space-saving storage.

Tune-up sidewalk signs, fast.

Getting your shop a tune-up sidewalk signs has never quite so attainable. Order our pre-made sign with adhesive directional arrows and we’ll get it to you fast. Or download your own images onto our template for a truly customizable experience*. We have a variety of finishes and laminates; high gloss laminate makes a great dry erase surface for those special introductory offers. With an outdoor sign that’s less than half of the cost and weight of traditional a-frame signs, plus FREE pick-up, we make getting tune-up sidewalk signs easy.

*We also offer die-cutting, so your sign can be whatever shape you like. Your wrench-shaped sign is within reach. Call us at 858.568.5133 for details about this option.



Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 32 x 23 x 1 in