Cell Phone Sidewalk Signs

$69.00 $29.00

Increase visibility with sidewalk signs.

  • durable, all weather construction
  • lightweight (less than 1 lb)
  • full color, photo quality images
  • free local pick-up; rush shipping available

Opportunity knocks when you have Cell Phone sidewalk signs.

The mobile and wireless business is booming. With technology moving so fast and a new feature out every other minute, customers are buying cell phones at record rates. Whether a retail establishment or a repair shop, draw foot traffic to your doorstep with a Cell Phone sidewalk sign. People crack their smartphone screens every day; do they know they can come to you to get it changed out? Don’t let another potential customer walk by without knowing where you are.

Easy to Transport. Easy to use.

Did you know you’ve got three seconds to get someone to read your sign? Three. Make those precious seconds count by placing a full color sign right in their path. Our patented design packs down to less than an inch thickness, and weighs under a pound, so you can set these up anywhere. Unlike traditional sandwich boards, these free-standing signs have an all-in-one construction, so there’s no need to order extra parts, and setting up is easy. Directly-printed on waterproof corrugated plastic with our UV resistant inks, your message is guaranteed to last for years. Put one out during operational hours and bring them in for easy storage once you close. With a structure that compact and prices this low, you can set up directional Cell Phone sidewalk signs all over the shopping mall or your general location and increase your establishment’s  visibility.

Order today, get one tomorrow.

Getting Cell Phone sidewalk signs has never been easier. Order one of the pre-made signs and you can pick one up today. We’ve left a blank space where you can stick on the directional arrows included in your kit, or tack on specifics about your promotion. Or download eye-catching images onto our custom sidewalk signs for a truly tailor-made experience*.There are  a number of finishes and laminates available to you; matte lamination reduces glare and makes sure that your message is visible even in bright sunlight. With an outdoor sign that’s less than half of the cost and weight of traditional a-frame signs, plus FREE pick-up, we make getting Cell Phone sidewalk signs easy.

*We also offer die-cutting, so your sign can be whatever shape you like. Call us at 858.568.5133 for details about this option.