Barber Shop Sidewalk Signs

$69.00 $29.00

Remind Them it’s Time with Barber Shop Sidewalk Signs

  • durable, all weather construction
  • lightweight (less than 2 lbs)
  • full color, photo quality images
  • free local pick-up; rush shipping available

Remind Them: it’s Time.

People are busy. It’s the nature of business that if you want attention, you’ve got to take it. Even more so as a barber shop, because people don’t really make appointments; they fit you in when they can. To score that walk-in, you need to be eye-catching; remind them that the time is now. That’s where barber shop sidewalk signs come in. Design a sign as bright and dramatic, modern minimalist, or vintage kitschy as you are. Show a world of potential customers exactly what you represent. Announce special introductory rates or promotions, list services, or even making a funny joke or pun is enough to make passersby stop and realize it’s time for a trim. Once you get their attention, you’re halfway there.  You could have a regular client on your hands.

Outdoor Signage Reimagined.

Our barber shop sidewalk signs are free-standing, like sandwich boards only more lightweight. And unlike some a-frame signs which are sold with the frame and sign separate, our barber shop sidewalk signs are all-in-one, making for easy ordering and simple set up. They are directly printed on on waterproof corrugated plastic with our soy-based UV inks, so your message won’t fade. Our patented design packs down to less than an inch thickness and weighs under 2 pounds, so they go wherever you go. Advertise just around the corner or in the office building across the street; place your sign wherever foot traffic may be.

You like options? So do we.

Getting sidewalk signs has never been easier. Order one of our premade barber shop sidewalk signs and we’ll get it to you fast. Or download your own images onto one of our templates for a truly customizable experience*. We have a number of finishes and laminates; high gloss laminate makes a great dry erase surface for special rates and those brand-building jokes of the day. With an outdoor sign that’s less than half of the cost and weight of traditional a-frame signs, plus FREE pick-up, we make getting barber shop sidewalk signs easy.

*We also offer die-cutting, so your sign can be whatever shape you like. Call us at 858.568.5133 for details about this option.



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