Tearing up the wide format print industry since 2007.

We’re a collection of designers, media professionals and production specialists who like to play with our work. We’re not saying that we reinvent the wheel… but we kinda do. We used to do a-frame signs, but those things suck. We’ve pinched our fingers on those heavy beasts more than once, and they’re an absolute nightmare to ship. Our goal is to make everything easy (for you and for us), so we cooked up a solution to something you may not have even known was a problem. And that, kids, was how Ten Dollar Sidewalk Signs was born.

Brandon Stapper
Prime Partner-in-Crime

Every company’s gotta have a money guy; ours is Stapper, Mr. Wheeler Dealer himself. Networking, buying, strategizing, taking names-- this guy hustles all day every day. He’s got a bunch of business awards too, but no one wants to read that. Besides we're pretty sure that all they mean are that he's good at bullsh*tting and making it look glamorous.

David Hay
Prime Partner-in-Crime²

Our personal Jack of all Trades. From product engineering to marketing actions, you can’t stop this guy from having a finger in every pot (believe us; we’ve tried). If someone here’s got some bright idea, Hay’s on it: exploring and owning it. We also hear that he’s a master of disguise, but we’ve never seen any evidence of that. Or maybe we just don’t recognize him...

Ryan Rosas
Media Puppet Master

Ryan Rosas is the guy that makes everything pretty. You think it’s a coincidence that our site’s so flashy and eye-catching? Nah. He’s got you, hook, line and sinker. Rosas is the reason this office spends an inordinate amount of time shooting funny videos. And because you watch them and share them like wildfire (thanks for that! Insert YouTube/ Facebook/ Tumblr plug here).

Daniel Robb
Interface Guru

Daniel is the guy that makes everything work. Seriously, he’s a genius at this stuff; we bet he talks code in his sleep. Other than that, he doesn’t say much. We like to think it’s because he’s a secret spy whose silence is protecting his loved ones in his other life.