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Stay motivated in 2015 with this FREE 6″x11″ sign

We make signs. Hopefully that much is obvious. What may not be so obvious is our commitment to following inspiration. We’re a company of designers, engineers and various other creative people; throw all of us together in one office and it’s bound to create an environment where enthusiasm and imagination sparks. Ten Dollar Signs is one of those bright ideas. To celebrate our website’s launch, we’re dispensing inspiration in the form of an 11×6 PVC plastic motivational sign to the first 1000 people to enter.

How to get your Motivational Sign.

Absolutely no purchase is necessary. Just fill out the form at the top of the page, Share on Facebook or Tweet the offer, and we’ll send you a sign with one of 5 quotes* by famous writers, philosophers, and visionaries**. Just in time for the new year to get your office/ fitness club/ store thinking in a positive and forward-looking direction. Have a friend who’s trying to lose a few pounds, or one that’s spiritually inclined? Share this with them, because you know they’ll love this. Or maybe you just like free stuff; we understand. We’ll get you your motivational quote no matter why you’re entering.


We’ve got over 1000 shares! Thanks to all of you for participating in the fun. In fact, we’re so appreciative of the overwhelming response that we’re offering another 1000 signs. So if you missed out, here’s your chance: share the offer on Facebook or Twitter and you will be entered for a chance to win one of signs you see below. Winners will be randomly selected at time that will be posted at a later date.

 Motivational sign giveaway

*These quotes will be distributed at random. It’ll be fun, like a giant Grab Bag. So don’t call or email in, looking to see which motivational sign you’re getting; you’ll ruin the surprise.

**ACTUAL writers, philosophers and visionaries whom you’ve probably heard of, not the just the pack of us throwing out ideas at the conference table. Promise.




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